Sunday, June 26, 2016

Camping Trip #4 (2016) Lutsen, MN

We headed out to Lutsen this week for Curt's bike race in the Lutsen 99'er (though he only did the 19er).  On our way there, we stopped for a night at Bent Trout Lake Campground a couple hours north of us and it was quite the hidden gem.  We were bummed we had to pack up and be on our way so soon--we'll definitely visit there again.  We headed off to adventure at Lambs Resort near Lutsen and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Lake Superior just a stones throw away--literally.  And a lot of stone throwing we did! We also had the greatest time hiking around Temperance river and up the hidden falls.  It was a public park, but as we were hiking it, it felt like we were the only ones there!  It was easy to imagine that we were not in Minnesota anymore with sites we got to take in! We took a quick detour to Grand Marais to eat lunch and indulge in donuts before getting back to the campground.  We finished off our weekend away with the big race and cheering daddy and other family and friends on.  It was a short 4 day getaway, but always an adventure! Can't wait for our next one, though we'll have to do some work on the 'ol Nomad first as the doom and gloom weather took a toll on her on the way home :(

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Monday, May 30, 2016

Camping Trip #3 (2016): Clearwater, MN

This last weekend, we made our way to AJ Acres in Clearwater, MN--where you're only a somebody if you have a golf cart and you know what's up if you make it to the campground dance.  It was without a doubt the campground with the most character that I've been to.  From the seasonal people and their lawn ornaments to the campground activities and the individuals they attract.  It's safe to say that we'll probably check it out again since the kids had a GREAT time there and actually made friends and played with them the whole time.  Plus, when you run into that much quirky, you just can't see enough in one visit.  We are so glad that our friends, the Prices, were able to join us and partake in this little adventure!  Here are some of the highlights of our trip!

Via IPhone:


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